What Are Vertical Grinders?

Vertical Grinder

What Are Vertical Grinders?

When it comes to pneumatic grinding machines, few professionals in metalworking, fabrication, foundry & casting found themselves interested in the vertical type of grinders. But that’s not all. There are also those who work in welding shops that find the vertical grinder‘s spinning action to be problematic. So, when is it time to use a vertical grinder instead of a horizontal one for the work done?

To begin with, let’s discuss the advantages that a vertical grinder has over the horizontal type of grinding machine. Since the grinder functions with two discs that spin at the same time, more grinding area can be produced from less physical contact with the workpiece. This translates to more accurate, less distortion and faster work speeds. This can result in better quality work and fewer mistakes and downtime for the operator.

The reason for the improved friction and smoother flow comes from the way the vertical grinder wheels operate. The two discs that make up the grinder wheel stack in much the same way as two round grinding wheels. In fact, all that needs to be done to maintain the discs’ spinning action is to flip them over to ensure they are facing each other and allow them to lock into place. That takes very little effort, but allows the discs to maintain a circular motion that produces excellent material removal and ensures optimal material removal and maximum product efficiency.

Another advantage of the vertical grinding wheels is their ability to produce good pore pressure. This results in less distortion because the abrasives are deposited close to the workpiece surface. It also results in less heat distortion as the heat is maintained close to the workpiece surface, so there are fewer areas that get overheated and distort the workpiece. This means a cleaner cut with less distortion of the workpiece.

The vertical grinder design also saves time when switching machines. This is especially important if the machine will be used on the same or similar site multiple times. The only way to completely eliminate this problem is to purchase a stand alone machine, but even then, many shops prefer to have just one setup to ensure that different machines can be used simultaneously without any problems. The vertical grinder eliminates this problem by placing the chuck at the exact location where it can quickly and easily extract material.

Unlike other type grinders and abrasive wheels, the vertical grinders are designed to operate in a totally different way. Their single continuous spindle movement is different from the continuous movement of other types of grinders or abrasives wheels. Because the angle grinder’s spindle does not stop when the handle is turned, there is never a moment of lost material when changing the direction of the spindle. As long as the angle grinder remains aligned when the blade is rotated, the abrasives wheel will always perform exactly the same way it was designed to. This prevents wear on the machine, saves time, and eliminates frustrating jams and slips that often occur with other types of machines.