Types of Welds and Their Uses

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Types of Welds and Their Uses

The spot welding machine is the most commonly used industrial welding machine in the market. It is used to weld or cut various materials such as plastic, copper, brass, aluminum, iron, plastic, etc. It is known for its small size and flexible welding processes. In this article, we will be discussing on the different types of welds that can be done by the spot welding machine.

The primary types of welds that can be done by the spot welding machine are clean, mitered, blemished, annular, channel, and recess. Clean welds are the ones that are done using an arc strip that has been coated with a layer of flux that allows the weld to have a smooth and non-marring surface. Mitered welds are those that are done using a high energy arc and it is used for small size parts.

Blemished welds are the ones that are used for cavitation effects and are used for aluminum and steel structures that contain pitting. Annular welds are those that are done using a medium heat arc while in cases of Channel welds, it is important to note that both the metals must be the same material.

The last type of weld that can be done by the spot welding machine is the cavitation weld. This is used to use a cavity that is an area that is surrounded by gas in order to help cut out parts that are hollow.

For those that need to use the welding machine for operating in a shielded environment, the welding masks are usually used. Welding masks are small face masks that help the user to prevent from inhaling the fumes created during welding. Welding masks are available in both models that are designed for inhaling fumes and that are designed for shielding the user’s eyes.

There are various types of welding machines available in the market that can perform different types of welding. Some welding machines are suited for torsion arc welding while others are for pulse arc welding. While the torsion welding machines are usually used to weld aluminum and stainless steel, the pulse welding machines are more common for welding stainless steel and copper.

One of the most common types of welding machine is the spot welding machine that uses a specially made set of electrodes and the weld is formed by using the flexible galvanizing flux. The point electrode of the machine connects to the electrode stand in the center of the machine while the wire that is connected to the tungsten electrode and helps in forming the seam while the center electrode is fitted on the other end of the machine. A tungsten arc is used to allow the molten metal to flow to the inner part of the head while the current flows between the point electrode and the electrode stand.