December 18, 1985Mr. Joseph B. Kyle Corporate Secretary American Institute in Taiwan 1700 N. Moore Street, 17th Floor Arlington, Va 22209 Dear Mr. Kyle :Attached here is our counter draft of the agreement on “Guideli-nes For a Cooperative Program in The Agricultural Sciences Betw-een the American Institute in Taiwan and the Coordination Counc-il for North American Affairs. ” Please pass it on to the U.S.Department of Agriculture and let me know if the proposed chang-es are acceptable to you.Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.Sincerely yours,[Signed]Benjamin C. Lu.DirectorEncl.January 14, 1986Mr. Benjamin C. Lu Director, Economic Division Coordination Council for North American Affairs4301 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Suite 420 Washington, D.C. 20008 Dear Mr.Lu:There are attached for your signature two copies, of the “Guide-lines for a Cooperative Program in the Agricultural Sciences be-tween the American Institute in Taiwan and the Coordination Cou-ncil for North American Affairs. ” Please sign both copies andreturn one to me.With regard to the counter draft of the Guidelines which was at-tached to your letter of December 18, 1985, you will note that afew stylistic changes have been incorporated in the final versi-on to make the text read better in English but with no change inmeaning.Sincerely,[Signed]Joseph B. KyleCorporate SecretaryAttachments :As statedGUIDLINES FOR A COOPERATIVE PROGRAM IN THE AGRICULTURAL SCIENCESBETWEEN THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE IN TAIWAN AND THE COORDINATION C-OUNCIL FOR NORTH AMERICAN AFFAIRS1 Background These guidelines are designed to further cooperati- on between scientists from the United States and Taiwan pursu- ant to the Agreement dated September 4, 1980, between the Ame- rican Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and the Coordination Council for North American Affairs (CCNAA). The ” Taiwan Relations Act ” (Public Law 96-8, April 10, 1979) authorizes the continuati- on of commercial, cultural and other relations between the pe- ople of the United States and the people on Taiwan. Such rela- tions are conducted by or through AIT, a nonprofit corporation , incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia, and CCNAA, a non-gdvernmental organizaton which has been establis- hed to provide assurances and take actions on behalf of the p- eople on Taiwan. AIT works in association with the United Sta- tes Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Washington, D.C., in administering this cooperative program, while CCNAA performs a similar function in affiliation with the Council of Agricultu- re (COA) in Taipei.2 Program Goals To increase the contacts and cooperation between agricultural scientists and institutions of agricultural research and high- er learning between our two sides; to provide researchers and instituions with opportunities to exchange information, ideas, skills, and techniques; to enhance opportunities to collabora- te in solving problems of common interest, and to utilize spe- cial facilities or research opportunities available. Cooperat- ion may be in any of the broad areas of basic and applied agr- icultural sciences, including forestry and agricultural econo- mics. The types of cooperative activities may include the exc- hange of scientific information,scientific visits, seminars a- nd workshops, and cooperative research.3 Implementation and Coordination AIT and CCNAA shall coordinate and implement the activities agreed to under these guidelines with the agencies of USDA and with similar organizations alli- ed to the COA. Each side shall designate a program coordinator to be responsible under its auspices for the overall coordina- tion of cooperative activities under these guidelines. For ea- ch topic identified as the subject of a formal cooperative ac- tivity, each side shall also name a topic coordinator.4 Funding Funding of cooperative activities under these guidelines shall be carried out on the basis of mutuality, reciprocity, and fl- exibility. In general, each side shall fund the cost of its p- articipation in cooperative activities and may, if it chooses, provide full or partial support for participation in these ac- tivities by scientists of the other side. Decisions on funding for joint activities shall be made by mutual agreement.5 Review Meetings AIT and CCNAA program coordinators shall meet periodically, at times and places of their choosing, to review this program of cooperation and guidelines and additions/ modifications to sa- me.6 Initial Areas of Cooperation The following topics are being considered for initial coopera- tion activity : 1 New cropping and pest management techniques with emphasis on biological control. 2 New production methods that conserve resources while mainta- ining or increasing yields. Systems for effective use of so- il, water and air resources. 3 Germplasm of plants, animals and organisms that have signif- icant value in agriculture and forestry. 4 Basic research and biotechnology applications for plant and animal production and protection. 5 Post-harvest technology. 6 Aquaculture Other areas of cooperation may be added from time to time as may be mutually agreed to by AIT and CCNAA.[Signed]Joseph B. Kyle Corporate Secretary American Institute in Taiwan Date : January 18, 1986 [Signed] Benjamin C. Lu Director, Economic Division Coordination Council for North American AffairsOffice in the United States of AmericaDate : January 28, 1986 Mr.Joseph B. Kyle Corporate Secretary American Institute in Taiwan January 28, 1986 1700 N. Moore Street, 17th Floor Arlington, VA 22209 Dear Mr. Kyle : This is to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of January 14,1986 and the attached two copies of the ” Guidelines for a Coop-erative Program in the Agricultural Science between the AmericanInstitute in Taiwan and the Coordination Council for North Amer-ican Af fairs” .I have duly signed both copies on behalf of the Coordination Co-uncil for North American affairs. Herewith I am returning one ofthem to you.Best regards.Sincerly yours, [Signed] Benjamin C. Lu DirectorEncl.